Lafayette City Council Proposed STR Ordinance

Andy Naquin has proposed an ordinance that would create a permitting system and establish regulations for all short-term rentals in the City of Lafayette. An STR is defined as the rental of a home, dwelling unit or room for less than 30 days. CO-094-2023 would impose some of the strictest permit requirements and restrictions in the state of Louisiana. In addition, the ordinance would completely ban short-term rentals in RS-1 zones, which make up 75% of the city.

STR Ad-Hoc Task Force

In lieu of a City Council-endorsed work group, LTLA assembled this task force to pull together information on the current state of Short-term Rentals and STR issues in Lafayette, LA.

The purpose of this research is to identify community concerns about short-term rentals and short-term rental regulation, list and weigh the concerns, and analyze how proposed regulations seek to address them. The task force seeks to identify publicly available data, consider stated policy positions by LCG and the City Council, and use the gathered information to analyze various regulation options and propose an alternative ordinance.

Rather than producing a comprehensive final report, we are releasing weekly updates of our progress.

City STR Discussion – Read Our Info Packet

On August 29, 2023 we had the opportunity to participate in a City-led discussion of Short-term rentals with several council members, the city attorney and planning director, and members of the opposition. It was an open discussion where we pointed out issues with the current ordinance and showed what other communities have done with regulation.

We look forward to continuing frank discussion with the city and other stakeholders. We’re hopeful to help craft an STR ordinance that protects our neighborhoods, lays down rules and guidelines for short-term operators, and protects the property rights of all Lafayette residents.

Lafayette City Officials

Contact Mayor Josh Guillory by phone: 337-291-8300
or email:

City Council Members

Nanette Cook, District 4: (337) 291-5104

Glenn Lazard, District 5: (337) 291-5105

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