City Zoning Meeting 4-17-2023

On April 17, 2023 there were two public meetings set to discuss short-term rentals: the City Planning Commission Meeting and the City Zoning Commission Meeting. At the first meeting, many local residents spoke in favor of STRs. Their comments were attached to the second Zoning meeting as well, a typical practice since both meetings are so similar.

Several anti-STR activists elected to use their allotment of 3 minutes at the second meeting to make additional comments, threats and accusations. Below is the recorded audio.

Time Stamp – Speaker
00:21 – Colby Langlinais
04:23 – Stephanie Duggan
08:20 – Gordon Schoeffler
11:38 – Cheryl Perret
14:22 – Patricia Raaz (pro-STR)
17:44 – Andy Naquin, City Councilperson
24:33 – Steven Hebert, Planning & Zoning Commissioner

Contact Mayor Josh Guillory by phone: 337-291-8300
or email:

City Council Members

Nanette Cook, District 4: (337) 291-5104

Glenn Lazard, District 5: (337) 291-5105

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Parish Council Members
Short-term rental regulation is only being considered by the City of Lafayette, not other areas of Lafayette Parish.

Bryan Tabor, District 1: (337) 291-8801

Kevin Naquin, District 2: (337) 291-8802

Josh Carlson, District 3: (337) 291-8803

John Guilbeau, District 4: (337) 291-8804

Abraham “AB” Rubin, Jr., District 5: (337) 291-8805

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