Stand Against the Ban – Oct. 3rd

In an effort to limit AirBnBs, Councilman Andy Naquin has proposed an ordinance that would eliminate the right for most Lafayette residents to rent any portion of their property for less than 30 days.

There is NO grandfathering and NO exceptions for owner-occupied properties in the RS-1 ban.

The ordinance would create a permitting system and establish regulations for all short-term rentals in the City of Lafayette. CO-094-2023 would impose some of the strictest permit requirements and restrictions in the state of Louisiana. In addition, the ordinance would completely ban short-term rentals in RS-1 zones, which make up 75% of the city. An STR is defined as the rental of a home, dwelling unit or room for less than 30 days.

Contact Mayor Josh Guillory by phone: 337-291-8300
or email:

City Council Members

Nanette Cook, District 4: (337) 291-5104

Glenn Lazard, District 5: (337) 291-5105

Don’t know your councilperson? Click here to find out.

Attend the October 3rd City Council Meeting
5:30pm City Hall
705 W University Ave.
Lafayette, LA 70506