City Zoning Board Recommends Allowing STRs in all Zones

April 19, 2023

On Monday, the City Planning Commission vote 5-0 to recommend changes to the Lafayette Development Code (LDC) that would officially define short-term rentals (STRs) and allow them in all zones. Previously, STRs were not defined in the development code.

On the table were two versions of an amendment to the LDC’s property use tables. Version 1 allows STRs in all zones. Version 2 would have banned them in RS-1 residential zones. The commission voted unanimously to allow them everywhere.

This recommendation will go to the City Council which is considering additional regulations on short-term rentals in addition to the zoning changes. LTLA supported a resolution drafted in 2020 that outlined minor regulations.

At Monday’s meeting, STR supporters out-numbered those against 3-1, with 8 speakers speaking passionately in favor of allowing AirBnBs and other STRs to continue to operate in residential area. Ultimately, the City Council can decide to ignore the recommendation if they so choose.

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City Council Members

Pat Lewis, District 1: (337) 291-5101

Andy Naquin, District 2: (337) 291-5102

Liz Hebert, District 3: (337) 291-5103

Nanette Cook, District 4: (337) 291-5104

Glenn Lazard, District 5: (337) 291-5105

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