City Council “working on something” but offers no new information or guidance

February 16, 2023

What was marked on the City Council Agenda as an “update” on the status of short-term rental regulations in Lafayette turned out to be nothing more than another opportunity for neighbors to complain about house parties. Saying he is concerned with one property in his district, Councilperson Pat Lewis offered activists and residents an opportunity to speak about the issue. A video compilation of supposed STR “house parties” showed at least one event that occurred at a private residence, not a short-term rental. LTLA supports restrictions on parties and events in residential areas.

Members of LTLA also spoke at the meeting. Mike Bass and Gisele Menard asked that rental owners be part of any process that will create regulations for short-term rentals.

Most surprising was that no information or guidance was offered by City Council members or legal counsel, despite the admission that they are “working on something.” Councilperson Andy Naquin guessed an ordinance would be ready for public feedback in two months, while Pat Lewis urged for something “faster than that.” Mayor-President Josh Guillory told attendees that his office would collect contact information on anyone that would like to be part of discussions. What those discussions will entail is anyone’s guess.

Contact Mayor Josh Guillory by phone: 337-291-8300
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City Council Members

Pat Lewis, District 1: (337) 291-5101

Andy Naquin, District 2: (337) 291-5102

Liz Hebert, District 3: (337) 291-5103

Nanette Cook, District 4: (337) 291-5104

Glenn Lazard, District 5: (337) 291-5105

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