Planning Commission Cannot Agree on Short-Term Rental Ordinance

January 27, 2022

The Lafayette Planning Commission met on Monday, January 24 to discuss a possible ordinance to govern Short Term Rentals in the city of Lafayette. The commission could not come to an agreement on a recommendation so they moved the draft resolution AS WRITTEN to the City Council and attached all public comments including an information packet LTLA submitted. This outcome was good for the local STR market.

We did not want additional restrictions or conditional uses recommended to the council. That would have been more battles to fight. We are asking for some changes and clarifications on the current resolution but it’s mostly regulation we can live with.

You can read a draft of the resolution here.

In addition, we introduced our STR Alliance, the Louisiana Tourism Lodging Association (LTLA) and made it clear we’d like to be involved in future regulation discussions and are willing to offer any assistance we can to owners and neighbors.

It will be up to the Lafayette City Council to decide if they bring up this ordinance as is, start over, or do nothing. In discussions with council members, they seem to generally be ok with leaving things as they are. Currently, Short Term Rentals are allowed and completely unregulated in the city of Lafayette.