Lafayette Board of Zoning Adjustment supports City’s Stance on STRs

April 9, 2021

After nearly four hours of public comment, the Lafayette Board of Zoning Adjustment (BOZA) decided to deny an appeal of the city’s decision to allow AirBnBs and other short-term rentals throughout Lafayette, LA.

No part of the Lafayette Development Code mentions short-term rentals. That’s why Mary Sliman, the Director of Development and Planning made the decision to allow Airbnbs and other short-term rentals to operate. Sliman justified her decision with a Lafayette Development Code clause that allows the administrator to “authorize a use” when the code is silent on it.

To do so the use must follow one of four criteria:

  1. Be functionally the same as a listed use.
  2. Have similar visual, traffic, and environmental impacts as a listed use.
  3. Other comparably sized jurisdictions have successfully integrated the use in one or more equivalent zoning districts.
  4. The use is within the same industry classification as another permitted use.

Sliman’s Attorney, Daniel Gauthier, argued, “If this board agrees with any one of those, then you have to deny the appeal.” A group of real-estate lawyers and neighborhood activists appealed Mrs. Sliman’s decision.

The final decision was 3-2 to deny the appeal. Although Airbnb and other short-term rentals in Lafayette have agreed to pay the same occupancy taxes as hotels and motelss, they have no other regulations. At this time short-term rentals may continue to operate in Lafayette.

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